Multicolored nails

Yeah, so hai. I know I don’t blog that often, but come on. I don’t have that many interesting things to share, my life is pretty dull. That’s why I’m trying to make it  a little more awesome, but it’s been a very non-creative week. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (because I don’t live in the States), but I hope those who do had a great one.

Sundays have turned into manicure days. Sadly, my stash is soooo boring, I need to get some new colors (hint, hint for that one trying to figure out what I want for my birthday this Tuesday…). Anyway, I managed to do these stripes:

Yeah, I KNOW the lines aren’t perfectly aligned. Bugs the hell out of me, being a perfectionist in many ways (hard to believe, but yes). On the other hand, I don’t strive for perfection ~ my goal is to create something to lighten up my days a bit. Having pretty nails usually do the trick very well.

That blob of polish is driving me nuts. But I’m trying not to worry, because next Sunday I’ll get a new manicure.

Hope you all had a good week/day/evening. I put up my Christmas ornaments and this week I’ll create some cards (hopefully).

We’ll see how it turns out, as usual.

Until next time, stay awesome.


Black nailpolish

I like painting my nails since I don’t wear that much jewellery, and I prefer darker colors. The downside of that is, mistakes are very clearly visible. Today, I did this

Now. I was going to PAINT ALL THE NAILS ALIKE!!! But that didn’t happen. It turned out pretty cool anyway, considering I’ve never made any stripes at all on my nails. Which is weird, but there’s a first time for everything…

I’ll try doing all the nails another time, I need another sort of tape to use for the lines ~ this was too wide.

Guess I still learn something every day, how about that.

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